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Gigablock Slim Silver Power Bank 4200mAh

Quick Overview

  • Model No: YSD-PW007

  • Color: Metallic Silver

  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion polymer battery

  • Built in battery Capacity: 4200mAh@3.7v

  • Cycle life: more than 500 times

  • Input: DC 5.0V/ 1A

  • Output voltage: DC 5.0 +- 0.05V

  • Output current: DC 1A

  • Size: 108X58X10mm

  • Net Weight: 118g

  • Use temperature: -10~45 C

  • Accessories: Micro USB/Mini USB/Apple jack/Nokia jack/DC3.5V Switch Cable


  • Beautifully designed by Human Engineering with convenient operation

  • Compatible with most intelligent Mobile Phone / DV / PDA / Digital Camera / PSP / Mp4

  • LED liquid crystal display temperature/ voltage / current / power, charging, and discharging state

  • Three ways protections for Over charge, Over discharge, and Short Circuit

  • Lighting Lamp

  • Zero standby power loss

  • 500 Cycles Rechargeable External Battery

Our product  is available for Iphone, Ipad, Cell phone, Digital Camera, MP3 device and other digital devices


Additional Information

Name Gigablock Slim Silver Power Bank 4200mAh
Manufacture Logo No


This Gigablock Power Bank, Rechargeable External Battery for power backup, is made by 100% New and Genuine Samsung Cell. Assure you durable and stable recharging for minimum 500 times. And it is different life time compared with other cheap priced power bank in the market, which uses re-cycled or 2nd hand cell. This unit is also have three ways protection circuit for Over charge, Over discharge and Short circuit. It is also Zero stand by power loss. Comes with LED power indicator. And it is compatible for most Smartphone, Cellphone, DV, Digital Camera, MP4, PSP, PDA. Also accessories are included are Micro USB, Mini USB, Apple connector, Nokia and DC 3.5V switch cable. It is beautifully desinged by hman engineering with conveniant oeration, comes in silver metal body with durable and sturdy shell for protection. You can enjoy with peace of mind for any power shortage for your digital device.

   Worldwide advanced Lithium Polymer Battery,highly supports the excellent performance. 

  • LIP Battery inside with many certificate including UL.CE. FCC,excellent performance with high quality and reliability.
  • The advantage of LIP: Thin format, light weight, large area, and flexibility Easily customized Energy density:140-180 vs 120-160 Wh/Kg for liquid Li-Ion High capacity: less need to put cells in parallel Safety feature: far superior to liquid Environmental: no leakage,no heavy metals,and no pollution

   Safety, High reliability and Environment-friendly

  • Safety is No.1. Gigablock power bank shows good performance on Safety, High reliability and Environment-friendly. 
  • Made of Worldwide advanced LIP battery
  • ISO9001 manufacturing system´╝îstrict process control and quality assurance
  • Besides the protection functions of over-charge, over-discharge, short-circuit, there are Charging Management Circuit, Temperature Control Circuit and Current Control Circuit, to provide the multi-protection to our product.

   Rechargeable: 500+ cycle times.

  • Gigablock power-bank can be recharged and discharged for 500+ cycle times, the remnant capacity would be more than 85% after 5 years in normal use.  

   Universal for all kinds of your mobile devices.

  • The accurate output and various optional connectors can be applied to most of the portable devices.
  • Gigablock power bank can be applied to most of the portable devices, such as Mobile phone, Digital Camera, Camcorder, PDA,MP3, Blue-tooth, MP4, Video game player, Portable DVD, etc.
  • More and more connectors will be developed. 

   Accurate Output to protect mobile devices.

  • Wordwide advanced and Smart VI circuit realizes reliable output to protect the safety of mobile devices and power bank.  

   Easy to use: obvious Input, Output, Capacity and Working status.

  • Clear indicator of input, ouput, remnant capacity and working status instructs users how to operate  

   Small and Light: Mini and Portable.

  • Gigablock YSD-PW007 (4200mAh) dimension is: 108mm(L) x 58mm(W) x 10mm(L). Power Bank's apperance is slim and simple giving shiny silver look. Total weight is from about 118g. Higher battery capacity in smaller space, and really portable.
  • Their appearance likes a fashionable mobile phone. Total weight is from about 78-120g. Higher capacity in smaller space, really portable.  

   Beautiful, fashionable and comfortable hand feeling .

  • Gigablock power banks have streamline design, fashionable and beautiful appearance.